City Mouse’s upcoming single release, “Blood Red Youth” defines what the Atlanta, Georgia, band’s hometown fanbase already knew. This is a songwriting band. Since their culmination in 2013, the band’s originality, forged around the lyricism of their frontman, Brian Revels, as well as their persistence and enigmatic stage presence, has led them to sold out shows throughout Atlanta’s various venues. They have shared stages with bands like The Steeldrivers, Cicada Rhythm, the Howlin’ Brothers, Underhill Rose, Family & Friends, The Darnell Boys, and more.

The group became a staple of the Atlanta, Georgia, Americana scene as the trio featured on their debut EP, “Joy of Life”, but continues – with occasional help from a host of noteworthy Atlanta musician friends – as singularly Revels’ project. After some extensive touring, Michael Hudgins, co-founder and former guitarist, announced a need for a change of pace. The band’s split came along amicably and, in fact, culminated in City Mouse partnering back up with Tony Terrebonne, Head Engineer of Atlanta’s legendary studio, ZAC Recording Studios, and recording two final songs as the original lineup. The recordings, entitled “The Sanguine Sessions,” includes Hudgins’ poignant waltz about kicking bad habits with love as the catalyst, “Bloodshot Eyes”, and a new song which will serve as the upcoming single from Revels’ called “Blood Red Youth” – hence the ‘colorful’ project title, The Sanguine Sessions. “Blood Red Youth” is a “conversation”, according to Revels, between young lovers that is passionate and frenetic, “full of the nervous energy that comes along with young love. As the song goes on, the dialogue becomes more intertwined and difficult to distinguish one voice from another; a parallel to both the figurative and physical aspects of being in/ making love.”

“Blood Red Youth” and “Bloodshot Eyes” denote a marked growth from the freshman release. City Mouse celebrated their shifting band and the new songs with an over sold-out crowd at the legendary listening room of Eddie’s Attic in their hometown. This process was briefly documented by an interview the trio did with OpenEars Music in Atlanta, which you can watch here. “The Sanguine Sessions” recordings will be available everywhere winter 2017.